I've got treat for you! Hah not really. Hope you're all having a great week! I, however, have had quite a deal of time on my hands lately and its getting, well, boring. So I had a little adventure! I dug around my garage and found my dad's hunting tripod and set up a little one-gal shoot. Yes, it was quite a tricky idea that evidently required a lot of patience with the self-timer. It was pretty awkward, actually, when I was squatting against the fence waiting for the timer to take the picture; and I wouldn't be surprised if my family was watching out the window. Hah yikes. Anyways though... here are a few of my favorites (and not just because they were the only ones in focus *wink*)!!

^^^ok, i seriously don't know what is wrong with me here. I need to practice my smiling^^^
^^^that's a little better;)^^^



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