A couple weeks ago, Gramcracker took us girls (my sister, our two cousins, and I) birthday shopping all over the county. Seriously, i think we went to about 7 different outlets or departments. It was crazy. This photoshoot evidently shows that it was a fantastic sale savvy spree complete with matching toms, MC hammer pants, and uh-mazing sales. On our way back to the cousins this freak storm hit with rain, thunder, lightning, power outage, wind, the whole mother nature shebang. We were planning on my sis and I staying the night and going night glow-in-the-dark swimming in their pool- an event we've been planning for a while- but like past attempts the storm prohibited it. Luckily it cleared up some the next morning and we went out for a stroll around the pond and modeled our best buys. ^^^This picture is my favorite.^^^

^^^this outfit. uh ma gash.^^^

^^^adorable 24th outfit!^^^

^^^sorry this is blurry, but girl rocks them hamma pants!^^^

^^^way cute white lace shorts i adore.^^^

I always have such unforgettable times with these girls, i love them to the moon! Thanks for the fun date Gramm!
xo, Paige



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