Free lensing is a super fun photo technique that give your pictures a really cool and washout-out look. This method can only be done if you have a camera with a removable lens. Basically what you do is un-attach the lens and, still holding it very close to the body of the camera, it gives you a tilted shift effect in your photos. Prior to removing the lens you need to manually set your exposure or it will not work correctly. This technique can be very difficult and hard to get a feel for, but with LOTS OF PRACTICE you could learn to selectively focus on an object while the rest is blurred! Don't get discouraged if it doesn't turn out how you want; try practicing in your yard or around the house to get a hang of it (definitely worth the 100 shots!) until you try it on people--moving subjects will be harder to focus.

^^^see this cute little guy? he's our sneak peak to our upcoming diy project!!^^^

 ***Note: If you are looking to try this, you have to know that as soon as you remove the lens, your camera is being exposed to dust. If you are in a dirty area that would put your camera at risk and this makes you uncomfortable, that's fine, don't do it! But otherwise you should have no cause for concern at all. When free-lensing, please take caution and take care of your equipment. When I did this, I held the lens very close to the camera body and cupped my hand around it to prevent dust and also too much light leak.

These are some examples I did today (first time I've tried this technique), and I know they're not uh-mazing, but like I said this method take LOTS of practice. Try holding your lens at different angles to get different light exposures and leakage. Move your lens around until you get a good effect. Also, you can do this with any lens, however it's not as effective with wide-angle lenses- they are much harder to focus. So if you want to give this a try, go for it! I'm going to keep practicing and once I get some good shots I will put them up so we can see some progress.

Have fun with this and be super careful! Comment below if you have any questions or if you wanna let me know how it turned out for you!
xo, Paige



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