Happy 24th!

Happy 24th! I don't know what it's like where you're from, but here in UT this month is a huge celebration. Like HUGE. As in constant mac firework displays throughout the entire month along with all night parties, bbq's and lots-a food! Yes! Earlier, we went to visit our cousins (here) neighborhood celebration that had bouncy houses, face painting, slip n slide, and a zipline. The sun was hot (except for the wind) and we went swimming in their pool for a couple hours and chilled. Always a fun time with these gals! Couple hours later the fam was home to go the SF Fiesta Days Pro Rodeo--our annual tradition to go all four nights each year (thank you VIP box seats). If you've never been to a pro rodeo performance, I highly suggest you look into attending one when you get the opportunity. It's an amazing experience you won't forget. And lucky us the best in the world is right in our hometown!! Anyways it's been a great Pioneer Day and I hope yours was as well, take care and travel safe.
^^^ gotta chill with the hot bullfighter;)^^^

xo, Paige



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