No. 1

Hi friends. oh my goodness its one of those weeks where you think you have a lot of time to do things, but when it comes down to it there... isn't. for the past couple days I've been sitting for our friends granddaughter for 7 hours. so you can guess that I haven't gotten very much done. and I leave for girls camp next monday! and my band has our first gig for the summer next thursday so I have to leave camp early. it's a blues concert. we've only got two songs to do and I'm pretty nervous. for the others. not me. nah, it doesn't phase me. oh ya! lately I've been thinking that I ought to start keeping a journal, but then I was like wait! I already have one, duh. so Welcome! now to Journal Entry No. 1. we'll try this out and see how it works.
anyways, this summer one of my greatest discoveries is channel 5--Rachael Ray. the first week of summer I was teaching a mommy/me swim class and I'd always watch the news before I left and RR was always the only good thing on so bam. now everyday I get up, clean my room, get dressed for the day and have my morning dose of cocoa and Rachael. I love it. every now and then I'll try some of the DIY projects they'll have--but not with very much success. and of course I really want to try her recipes (like the 30 min ones?) but she makes it look easy. no kidding. I'll just wait to try again when I have my own kitchen to burn down. in short, RR is my latest television obsession. ok well it's like 7:30 and still 90 something degrees. this is funny cause i'm actually sitting at my computer right now listening to acoustics and a website I found that plays rainy sound effects. it has thunder and everything and when I looked out the window I was almost blinded by the sun, ironic ya? hahha yaaa. well my fish tank isn't gonna clean itself. this was probably a weird entry today, but everything is. all the first things are. they're never spectacular or anything. i swear. I was seriously stressing my self out trying to think of a spontaneous first post by looking at other blogs and hunting down their first posts to inspire me. but i'll get the hang of it, i'm sure. anyways, have a good night!
xo, Paige 



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