Behind our backyard there is a giant hay field which fortunately sports a great backdrop and play area for photoshoots. I did this shoot with my sister and her bff a couple weeks ago and i just realized i haven't posted any of it, so here's a thumbnail of some of my favorites. p.s. if i may offer some modeling tips: i know its awkward trying to figure how to pose for photos, but i promise you if you just loosen up and understand how to move and position your body its not as hard as you think! All you need to do is move around and try different things. For practice, just stand in front of a mirror! Its so easy! Like you guys have heard of mirrors i assume, so just study yourself in it! Examine which side of your face you like better, play with your hair, practice using facial expressions--sassy-ness and attitude really improves the feel of the photo and gives it personality. I seriously encourage all of you to do this. In short, never hesitate to have your photo taken, remember, EVERYONE is photogenic!

thanks lovelies. xo, paige.



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