I'm back! So sorry i've been home from camp for like a week, but I've had drivers' ed classes all morning all week and this is my first free day. Three days left! Anyways all the camp preparation turned out pretty splendid I had a good time but I'm glad its over. And I've only barely slipped out of sharing my experience in sacrament. phew. seriously, though. Where was I? Oh just this last weekend we had one of those oh-my-gosh-theres-only-like-three-weeks-left-of-summer-and-we-havent-done-anything aha slap-in-the-face moments (don't you love those? and by the way August, dial it down). So on saturday we hiked up the canyon to the grotto here. And on sunday, I had the most excellent idea that we needed to visit a childhood location of ours. Since it was late on a sunday, there weren't many people, but I was just really feeling photo ready that day. So here are our favorite moments from our visit!

^^^i love you indian man.^^^ 

Sundance, you were awesome. Til we meet again
xoxo, Paige



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