Sunday Seven: Go To Playlist

May is heating up quickly, as is road trip season! I definitely crave me a major road trippin' summer this year, and in preparation I cooked up this fab playlist to help you get through. So here's a roll of my all time favorite go-to's when I'm in the car or passing time. Enjoy!

#1 AFI: 17 Crimes

#2 Zedd: Find You

#3 Ellie Goulding: Holding On (I See Monstas remix)

#4 The Downtown Fiction: The Best I Never Had

#5 Rock Mafia: Big Bang

#6 Meg and Dia: Fighting for Nothing

#7 Chvrches: Gun

Which song was your favorite?
Let me know what's on your playlist and I'll take a listen!

xo, PA



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