Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone!! I know it's technically halfway over by now, but I think that throughout the year, regardless of the holidays, we should always be thinking of those brave people who serve our country so well. We are so grateful to be able to have such amazing family members and neighbors who fight for our every right; never take this freedom for granted. I hope that as you celebrated Memorial Day today you were able to take time to appreciate and thank those that you know are providing their honorable services to our nation. God bless America.

Today was such a lovely, and yet incredibly hot day. I spent a lot of my time outside planting flowers in my yard; it has always been something I look forward to to start each summer. Well, someone's got to do the dirty work!
Later in the evening we kick-started our second backyard BBQ with some neighborhood friends and old rock legends. Always has been such a blast and one of my favorite summer traditions. Turn up some jams with my Memorial Day Playlist! 

Hope your holiday was spent with some great friends and family and were able to reflect on all the blessings we are so lucky to receive. To all the men and women who do the unthinkable, thank you. You are in my prayers. XO.



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