Sunday Seven: Summer Bucket List

Every time a new season rolls around, I try to compile a list of goals to try out--strangely though, I honestly dislike defining goals, I'm kind of a 'wing-it' girl, so for this sake, I'm compiling a bucket list instead. However I thought I'd try this out (goal #1 ya?) to help make the most of this summer. List-making and creating goals helps me keep my weekends busy and gives me something to look forward to, without taking advantage of how quickly time flies by. This list will hopefully toss in a little spontaneity into your summer plans, feel free to 'steal' some ideas for your bucket list!

1. Update the reading list and become a bookworm
Summer is the perfect getaway season of the year to wholly invest in a good read. I am a bookworm at heart and there's often nothing I'd rather do, it's a great escape and a great pass-time. This summer I am challenging myself to read at least 15 new books... stay tuned for my up-coming book club that you won't want to miss!

2. Host a backyard BBQ
A few summers ago, my family purchased a small fire pit for our backyard. We would have exclusive block-famous BBQ's complete with my dad's one-of-a-kind s'mores recipe. At least twice a week we'd have guests over for a late-night dinner; we basically lived in the yard. We want to keep this rising tradition strong!

summer :)

3. Write out that lengthy list...
and follow it! Even if you don't achieve the big things, the little things count too. Making them realistic and achievable will make your day feel more accomplished. All these aspirations will help make your summer more 'anti-procrastination.'

I wanna do #1 so badly. Funny april fools joke for derrick & for at work hahahah show up for lunch with a jar of "mayo" BAHAHAHAHAHA

4. Essential seasonal style hunt
Each season has a new 'must-have' fashion item, at least for me. Currently, and I'm surprised it's taken me this long to locate, are white Chuck Taylors. Every persons' go to footwear right?? Perfect for any style: floral skirts or ripped jeans and a band T.

White Chuck Taylor High Tops $45

5. Take an art class
Whether it be a painting class or simply at-home DIY, involving yourself in an enjoyable creative outlet allows you to expand your horizons and puts you in a good mood and possibly even uncover a hidden talent or new favorite hobby! This summer I want to try my creativity and see what DIY projects I can create.

                   Happy colour blog! :)(:

6. Vacation--sans tele
People these days are so connected to their media and cell phones. For me personally, I don't like to overload myself with social media other than Instagram (@paigeburn). But even that is good to get away from sometimes. This summer I challenge you to go on a getaway-without the cell phone. Spend time enjoying yourself in the surroundings you are in and the people you are with. I vow to accomplish this sometime over the summer, however if I happen upon a picturesque element, an Instagram here and there won't hurt;)

7. Go to a concert
So many good artists coming to my state this summer I wish I could catch them all. My most favorable? One Republic and the MonumentTour ft. Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and New Politics (!!!!). Dancing all night with some besties listening to good music sounds like the summer to beat. And actually a music festival would be  bonus!
                  Everyone should experience this at least once and if you're lucky enough, dance next to your favorite djs.. ❤

What summer adventures are on your bucket list? 

Dream on,

disclaimer: all photos from this post are found on Pinterest and do not belong to me.



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