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A few weeks ago I read an article about traveling alone.
And that's a terrifying thought.
It talked about how this married woman often sought getaways to new places. Her husband would drop her off at the airport and she would experience the destination in solicitude.
Everyone travels, and everyone usually does so with a companion--what's the point of traveling and learning culture if you have no one to directly share it with? But I gave the article some thought: why can't I be my own companion?
People travel to learn about the world around them; well traveling by yourself would give you some serious wingspan. You would be alone to learn and discover about yourself. And it's not like your totally isolated, interact with the culture and locals.
While I was on my trip in New York, which was the furthest destination I've ever traveled, I pondered the idea and honestly, I was terrified by the thought! But maybe New York isn't the most ideal trip for a rookie...
I would give serious thought to traveling alone sometime when I'm older. It would definitely teach me not to rely on others and how to properly fend for myself. I also like to think that I would learn more and have a better story to tell. After all, you is you. And you can't get away from yourself.
Thanks Wilde.
Have any of you ever traveled by yourself? What was is like? And if not, what are your thoughts?

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  1. I don't want you to go anywhere by yourself :)


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