Homecoming Snapshots

Well welcome home! Now that I'm back from NY I'm trying to adjust to this new summer schedule and frankly I've just had the energy drained out of me from all the touring via walk (<--great way to loose weight... and knee cartilage). All of my Saturday was spent tossing the laundry, watering the flowers that somehow made it through the heat, and cleaning out my bedroom until the vacuum broke. Oops! And speaking of catching up for the summer, I've got a lot of great posts coming up super soon to drop-kick the season into game!! Meanwhile I don't want to leave you hanging, so here's some uber(!) exciting snapshots of my return...

^^^everything back east is soo pricey--except these postcards, so naturally I grabbed a handful:)

^^^My clothes line broke and I had to improvise. Don't ask why I didn't use the dryer...:)

What are all you're plans for the summer? Hope it treats you well, I'm off to a good start:)
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  1. I had a great time hanging with you back East, but it is nice to be home :)


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