NYC In A Nutshell

Hi all! So as you know I have been traveling the east coast this last week, and I figured you'd be scouring for an update! I'm waiting for my flight and won't be home until late, so I might as well give you a run down. As I'm sitting here and I'm ready as ever to leave, I'm still not ready to go. Though most of this trip has scared me to death and stressed me out, NY has grown on me quite so. The limitless skyscrapers and buildings and roads all fascinate me. I come from a small town and this is the first big trip I've had since San Diego four years ago. You see Manhattan in photographs all over the place, but it's ridiculously crazy and exciting to see that cityscape in reality. All you New Yorkers and East coasters, do me a favor and never take your surroundings for granted. For all you others, I hope, if you haven't already, you get the chance to travel to another atmosphere you've never experienced. It's truly riveting.
Here's a few snapshots...



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