An Afternoon of Simple Pleasures From My Favorite Place

First off, congrats for scrolling all the way down, and thank you if you actually looked:)

Second, this past week my whole block has had some wifi mishap in which I've personally suffered (way to go, my generation), so that's what the hold-up has been for. On that note, Welcome back!

Last weekend us girls and my Gramcracker--who recently returned from Paris-- went out to one of my favorite places: Gardner Village. A cute little old-style shopping district we've visited often throughout the years, especially during Halloween, it's got that mystic Salem Witches vibe that I just love. Most of these stores are furniture and clothing stores, plus the Chocolate Wagon shoppe! So for a few hours we shopped around, craving fudge, and listened to Gramcracker's tales of her trip to France last week (I was fascinated and delightfully jealous the whole time). If you ever pass by here, you should definitely stop by and check it out, a lot of people come by to take pictures as well. Just gorgeous.
Now I'm totally in the Fall mood.
enjoy, XO.
All photos courteously of my phone. Yay for you IPhone.



  1. yep went there when i came down in july! love gardners village!!


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