Build The -Ultimate- Summer Playlist

Happy July to all my summer rockers and mid-day dreamers; weekend, we already miss you. We've down to the last week of June, sorry for the wake-up call--I'm silently crying too-- and I don't know about you, but a midst the long days and sleepless nights, I tend to fall captive to the Mid-Summer Blues. I trust that I'm not the only one suffering MSB unfortunately, so to help you when you're down in those slumps, here's a rope, may a life-saver. Go ahead, crank these feel-good tunes up and save yourself. You'll feel better--and with the 4th sneaking up so quick!

Come With Me Now : Kongos

Chocolate : 1975
Fever : Black Keys
We Won't Go Home : The Colorists
Double Digit Love : Leisure Cruise
Unbelievers : Vampire Weekend
Where The Kids Are : Blondfire
 What are your plans for the 4th of July? What's on your summer playlist? Spill!
XO firecrackers.



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