4th of July DIY Ombre Jars

How cute and fun are these?! Now that it's July, that means I usually start going all out on DIY, happened last summer here and here. CONFESSION: I hoard glass bottles. Don't know why exactly, but I just find them retro and interesting. Maybe I think they just remind me of Winn Dixie and the old lady who hung all her bottles on a tree, then when the wind blew, they sounded like chimes. I don't have any tall and majestic trees around me, so they've all kinda grouped together on a shelf in my bedroom... not quite the 'interesting' perspective I imagined. So! I have broken out some new spray paints (my DIY weapon of choice) and gave these old hunks of glass a new life.
This project is oh so uber simple and totally fun. All you need is: spray paint, glass/plastic bottles (vases would also work perfect), and a safe place to work your magic. I had a slab of Styrofoam lying around and I actually just stuck the bottles nose down into the foam for hold.
First thing you should do if you are using bottles, make sure you remove all the sticker labels! For easy removal, soak it in hot water for 20 minutes. If there's any tough residue, a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol should do the trick.

Now, what you do: hold the spray paint about 6 inches away from the bottle and spray on the base making circular motions. If you're far enough away, then the speckles should naturally cascade along the sides of the bottle. If you need to, hold the paint farther away and make a quick circle along the base of the sides, creating an ombre.

And voila! I wished I had a super cool pink or purple for an enchanted look. But toss in a battery powered candle and it would be great for a barbeque! Have fun with this and be creative! Let me know any questions or comments you have, XO.



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