Get Wordy Wednesday

Sometimes when you hear things or realize things, they tend to jab you right in the gut. Well that's what this quote did to me.
At this stage in my life, a lot of people tend to fool around and not care about making mistakes--which actually is sometimes an ok thing, unless in this case, not caring about your mistakes is the same as not caring for your future and ultimately yourself and your happiness. Quite too often it feels that commitment and respect is dying like chivalry. I mean come on people, let's hike up our pants and show some class.
I've heard that in studies on body language actually concluded that only 7% of what is said is taken into account in the contrast to how exactly the person is saying them. So if someone tells you they love you, that could just be the 'lusts of their eyes' speaking. Watch how a person who truly loves you treats you. After all, the words not spoken speak the loudest.
This quote was sort of a small realization to me the last couple days. After I thought about it, I understood that from my recent experiences, it is so completely true. I hope that all of you can come to learn how to express your appreciation in ways other than just saying so. I hope you don't deny yourself or sell yourself short. Don't settle for any thing less than you deserve.

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  1. I love this quote! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it. I love you!


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