Just Another Orbit Around the Sun

Happy Birthday to meee!! Only the third time I've celebrated my birthday in school instead of Spring Break and it's kind of weird to me! But I'm grateful to everyone who helped make my day special, I have the best people in my life. So other than the school part, I've enjoyed Costa Vida Friyay and lots and lots of treats and balloons which make for a fun selfie sesh! Usually on your birthday you get asked if you feel any different, well I haven't been asked that (thank goodness cause what does it matter? 24 hours when you were younger doesn't really mean you're any more mature...), but this time I actually do feel different. More responsible and happier, and over the last few weeks I've really started looking at what is important in my life and working towards my potential. Once you realize how far you have come and all the things you have going on for yourself, you really start feeling a lot more empowered and true to yourself. I have thought about this a lot and I know what I want from my life and what I can expect from myself. And so another rotation around the sun really does have me feeling different.
Well I'm officially an adult now, even if I don't act like it... bring it on.

Thank you again to all my friends and family who have only grown more important to me every day.  XOXOXO



  1. can't believe u r 18 girl!! i still remember the little paige when u were born! such a cute baby too! so proud of u and so excited to see what u do with ur life! thanks for being awesome and a great example to my kiddos! we loves ya!!


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