Wait It's Prom Today, Right??

Yay, last high school dance! Prom has been the source of my favorite dates throughout high school and my final one was definitely at the top of the list! Not only was I with my best friends (with one exception, she did pictures separately. Loves I.), have a stellar dress, and really good chicken at dinner--not falling off the stage at Promenade was also a plus--but I was able to enjoy myself and appreciate all I've learned, overcome, and accomplished through these last bittersweet years. I think I can move on from this point, knowing that I've officially made some memories to look back on in a few years.

But now about the date! That morning we went for a super pretty and gnarly hike up to a waterfall, then we did all these darling pictures, made an appearance at Promenade--which I actually really enjoyed, then had a fantastic dinner at Harvest Garden in Thanksgiving Point, and then went to the dance! Even though we didn't want to stay long, the dance is always my favorite part. Something about the loud music, disco ball lights, and twirling dresses just makes me forget all the wrong in the world and just focus on where I am and soak in every moment that I feel alive. Circling around with all the people I've grown up with in that setting just makes me smile. Later that night, we went to one of the guy's house to swim in the pool and have a campfire. I'll be honest, this was the part I was looking forward to most:) I have to tell you this part, I had my swim suit on, waiting to jump in the pool, and my bestie snuck up behind me and pushed me in! It was funny because for some reason I tried to fall the other way, but instead fell to the concrete ground, and armadillo rolled into the water... LOL. Then I popped out of the water just in time to see that friend get pushed in the pool too, with her dress on!! I seriously wish I was someone else just so I could fully visualize the whole event!! Anyways, all in all, this was one of those dates that turned out to be tons more fun that I thought it would be!

Thank you to everyone who made this day one to remember--From the celebratory toasts at dinner, to the Runaway Bride, to endless friendships, and even to the scab on my knee from being pushed in the pool--Cheers for making it through high school, friends.
Courtesy of Luke Isley



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