Drink In Every Moment + New Surprise

FINALLY. Oh my goodness this day couldn't come fast enough, yet it left just as quick. Graduation was almost a week ago now and it still hasn't set in yet!! I don't want to gush too much about this, seeming that I have the last several posts... But here's some snapshots from the big day! Last Friday I had a little party in my backyard for family and friends to stop by, eat some food, and just visit. It was lots of fun being surrounded with my family all in the same place. And shoutout to Mom for all her hard work in party prep:) I also want to give one last thanks to everyone and anyone who supported me in any way throughout this adventure. And all your sweet and thoughtful gifts meant so much to me!

Thank you SFHS for letting me be a part of something truly amazing. DON PRIDE FOREVER.
I also have a sweet surprise for you guys... lately I've been exploring the idea of video blogging (or Vlogging), and I decided to give it a try! I almost hope you guys aren't too familiar with the concept so that you have no expertise to judge me on! Haha but anyways I had lots of fun filming this and it was super weird! After a few hours of editing I think I figured it out, too. In the beginning I just ooze "amateur" and "awkward." And after watching this, I discovered that I may be quite the hand talker when the nerves kick in! Hah but as the video goes on I think I get somewhat more bearable. I decided to make this vlog to talk about some of my most memorable high school moments since writing about it would just take too long! So um, here you go!

Oh my goodness! I'm pretty surprised with how well the technicalities worked out for being my first time! So talk to me: did you like it or nah? If nah let's just not comment lol... But really though, thanks for trying this out with me!
Monday is knocked down--Hope the rest of your week is sunny and exciting!



  1. u crack me up girl! i know a few how vlog and i think its great! will love to see ur vlogs from london girl! so excited for u! see u in july!!!


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