A Day in the Life Vlog

Hello everyone, Monday is over! Woohoo! I feel like I barely got through it, about 4 o'clock I was soo ready for a nap. And then I remembered that my tomorrow is going to be waaaaay more busy! Lots of meetings and appointments and school and work. Bleh. But you know, it crazy days like this that make me glad for summer afternoons like today. Our afternoon activity is taking Sassy for a walk. And let me tell you, taking a walk for a half hour every evening with my family and exploring my neighborhood is actually a lot of fun! It's great exercise and like I said, I get to really explore where I'm from in a relaxed, slow-mo setting. Does your family have a special summer activity? Describe your perfect summer evening. If you need any suggestions, you should definitely take advantage of the good weather and take a walk!

So tell me, what do you think about the #Vlogs? Is there anything you would like to see? Comment down below and I'll make it happen! Thanks for coming along with us!
Happy evening, loves! XOXO.



  1. super cute!!! i've started youtubing too but it takes so much time! haha super fun though :)
    keep it up! <3


    1. Well thanks!:) It definitely is a ton of work haha! And I totally love your blog girl! Super cute.

  2. You are too cute and this blog is too fabulous!

    1. Too fabulous to handle! :):)


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