Chopped + 10 Facts About Moi

Hi again! As I mentioned in yesterday's post... I chopped my hair!! AGAIN! And went BLONDER! It is so stinkin' short! As always I was sitting in the chair today battling with myself going from what in the world was I doing and it's all going to be okay, worst case scenario I can just buy extensions. Rule #1: always trust your hairdresser. If you've had them for a while and have never had any cut-astrophes (pun intended), then just have a little faith! Luckily, I really dig my new do! What do you think??

I wanted to do another fun post for you all this lovely Thursday. I just had my wisdom teeth taken out less than a week ago. I must have really lucked out because I hardly swelled, and had very minimal pain. Go me! Also I've never really updated you on my CNA class?? Update: it's just fine. Really! Other than a few annoying high schoolers, I enjoy it! It's been pretty easy (as this is my fifth medical class) and also really fascinating! So far it's all just been class work; powerpoints, textbooks, lectures; but starting in a few short weeks are our clinicals. So we will see how that goes! Hope I have a strong stomach. Darn my good sense of smell, too. So back to the real point of this post! Today I'm sharing 10 whole facts about me that other people don't really know. In all honesty, it was really easy to think of things up Anyways here's my list of collected, random facts. Go ahead, stalk me.

#1: When I was little, I used to always steal my dog's kibble to eat for myself. To be honest, I now really like the smell of dog food...
#2: Thanks to my parents for making me play piano for most my life (I'm now still playing as of my own free will. Don't know what changed), I like to think that I've developed a bit of photographic memory. Must be to make up for the lack of hearing or something.
#3: I still watch Disney Channel. Other than Netflix, the only other thing I watch on t.v. is TLC.
#4: I have a fetish for stuffed animals. And blankets. And lipgloss. And lots of other weird stuff.
#5: I've secretly always wanted to grow up and be a famous rockstar. So badly.
#6: Because of #3, I love Disney Princess movies. Ariel is my favorite princess and I also have always wanted to be a mermaid. Ironic, though because I'm quite scared of deep water...
#7: One day I want to publish a novel of my own. I love to write short stories.
#8: I started my first blog for my photography when I was probably around 12 or 13.
#9: Sometimes when I smile, one side of my bottom lip slants down really weird like. And I've recently noticed that occasionally I talk with that same side of my mouth (involuntarily) moving waay more than the other side of my mouth. Like I had a stroke or something. Go me.
#10: I'm torn between my wish for long, fabulous legs and my fear of heels.

Now that you know almost everything about me now, we are officially best friends. So as your bff, I absolutely MUST know about you! What are 10 random facts about you? Which of mine do you relate to? Answer in the comments below! I'm going to wrap up this post and share a few more hair-tastic pics...

^^this was 100% candid I swear!

Thanks for reading! Hope your holiday weekend is full of fireworks, bbq's, and loved ones!
P.S., now I feel like I can rock a Julianne Hough or Annasophia Robb look-a-like contest.



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