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Hi everybody! Yes, I'm back from the dead now! So sorry... my typical internet-repellent is staying strong. Hope your summer is going fantastic, oh and happy July! Only a little over a month is left until I'm boarding my plane(!!!) (#nbd). If you guys have any awesome travel tips or experiences I'd love to hear! I did a travel tips post last year that I should probably be checking out again. I just bought my luggage a few weeks ago and my passport finally arrived in the mail, too. What are your fun plans for the summer??
Anyways, as you probably know, summer is one definitely my favorite time of year because it's when I feel most creative! So I complied a little collage of my current cravings to share with you. I suppose this is my first #haul post, so I'll briefly share a little about each of these fabulous items...

1. LipGloss: I LOVE this lip gloss! I love the brand, it's always good quality and low prices. This product has such a beautiful color that lasts quite awhile and smells super fruity! I'm always more for a nude lipstick, but not anymore since I got this! // NYX Mega Shine LipGloss / Beige / via Target
2. Sea Salt Spray: If you know me, then you know I always have a messy hairstyle. Whether it's in a ponytail or not, it almost always has some texture in it (especially ponytail kinks!). I've always hunted for the best sea salt spray and I have heard great reviews about this product before. After I get out of the shower and air dry, I'l spray it in and put my hair up in a bun for a couple hours, then just lightly blow dry it the rest of the way. It looks awesome! And it's great for on-the-go spritzing too. And the best part... It smells absolutely delicious!! //  Not Your Mother's / Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray / via Shopko
3. Body Spray: Basically, everything in this post smells so yummy!! This Velvet Sugar body mist has got me obsessed. Seriously. I'm spraying it every time I walk in my bedroom. It smells maybe a little like summer flowers, but very mature I would say. Not exactly something a 14 year old would typically smell like... You just gotta believe me on this one, I can't describe it's goodness any better than that! // Bath & Body Works / Velvet Sugar Body Fragrance Mist
4. Book: Hands down, this has to be my favorite item. YouTube star Zoe Sugg (or Zoella) released her first novel in November 2014. I actually listened to this novel as an audio-book (via the app Audible) and I was just dreading the end of the novel because I love it so so much. It's so well written with a fun story line that every girl growing up in the online world can relate too. It's funny, sweet, thrilling, and absolutely darling. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good story about over-coming obstacles and finding a place to belong. I also heard that Zoe Sugg is publishing a sequel!!! Not sure when it will be released or what the title is, but I'm anxiously awaiting it's publication. Bonus: if you listen to it as an audio-book like I did, the narrator has the cutest British accent that just makes it that much better! // Girl Online / Zoe Sugg / photo from Google
5. Quote: I mostly love this because it's written in gold sparkles! It's such a nice little reminder as you go through your day to make things about you once in a while. Make sure that you are doing things that add to your well being and purpose of life. It's okay to cut out anything that is toxic in your life. Your life is about YOU. So be sure that whatever you're doing, it puts a smile on your face. // photo via Pinterest
6. Neck Pillow: This might be the most random item on the list... but my mom and I bought these the other week for our plane. When we went to New York last year, we had maybe two of these for all five of us. Unfortunately, the flight to England will be MUCH longer. So we invested in these uber comfy and cute neck pillows. Cause forbid we have neck cramps... // Memory Foam neck pillow / via Big 5
7. Bag: This item sort of goes along with #6. I just wanted to share is because it's cute and I bet not many of you have it! My aunt in England (with whom we will be staying with) sent this over along with some photo albums and candy and stuff like that several years ago when I was doing a school research project on England. I'm just so ecstatic that I actually get to see the real thing myself!
8. Headphones: I won these awesome headphones from a giveaway on Instagram, along with some other fabulous trinkets. But these headphones can actually fold in on themselves and fit into a small pouch, which makes them perfect (again) for the plane! The work great, they're all studded and cool looking, and I definitely needed them! // Skull Candy Women's Headphones / courtesy of @sugarandspiceofficial
9. Summer Do: Now that the heat has most certainly arrived, I just have to cut my hair. I always do this! I always try to grow my hair out but I just. I can't do it. It lives in a ponytail anyways so what's the point? As you also may have noticed, I recently went a little blonde as well. And I'm loving it so much that I'm going to go even a little bit blonder! Ah I'm so excited for this #transformation that will be occurring tomorrow. Thoughts?? Plus short hair is trending and I'm totally getting the vibe.

So there's my #obsessionshaul for you guys! What did you think? I had fun making this, though it was a lot of work! I'm sure I will be doing lots more now that I've refreshed on my Photoshop skills.
What are some of your latest summer cravings? What can't you live without? Which one was your favorite? I'd love to hear!!
Disclaimer: this post was in no way endorsed or sponsored. This is of my own making in it's entirety including original photos and content. All photos not by me belong to their rightful owners. All Copyright where it is due.
Thanks as always!!



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