Haul: England Update + New Design !!

Hello! First off, I hope you've noticed... We got a new blog design!! As you may or may not have known, in the few years that I've blogged, I have always had original design content. Everything about my blog, every bolt and screw, had been created on my own with the infinite help of tutorials that I sprawled over constantly. I wanted to take pride in the fact that I was a very young blogger who had successfully created a beautiful and interactive website with the help of lots of research and only one html coding class. However in doing this, I always felt like there was something I wanted to change about the design of my site. I was never completely satisfied. So the other day I really took this into account and decided I did need to make a change. Guess that one html class can only take you so far! So onto Etsy I went, and within an hour I found a design that 1. I really really loved, and 2. was very inexpensive. A day and a half later I had successfully downloaded and tweaked my purchase to fit my style, and honestly, I'm kinda loving it! Although I'm really glad and thankful that I was able to learn a lot about web design through personal trial and error, I almost wish that I had purchased a pre-made template earlier! So please let me know what YOU think about the new blog design, as always I really appreciate your feedback:) I will also link the Etsy shop and this design at the end of this post...

I know it's been almost a whole weeks since my last post, (I've been working on another really exciting project coming soon!) so today's is going to be a #haul post as I have much else I want to share with you guys! I have less than a month left until I leave to England (happy dancing in my head right now...!!) and as you know, I am a travel-oholic. I love to go places all the time, even if it's just to the grocery store with my mom. So similar to what I did last year when I went to New York, I'm going to do a little pre-trip organizing and wish list post! So basically I have a Pinterest Board in which I have been pinning all things British--from pretty scenery, outfit ideas, and of course traveling tips. So here are a few of my favorite things from my Board that I want to share. Let me know in the comments which one(s) you like the best!
 Constitution Hill, Birmingham, England
The Top Fashion Apps for Londoners - the only list you need to know to dress to impress in the UK capital, by The Culture Trip http://theculturetrip.com/europe/united-kingdom/england/london/articles/the-top-fashion-apps-for-londoners/
 sequin skirt
travel essentials
Travel Essentials for when @Mindi Plankey Ennis Plankey Ennis Kerr and I go to England!!
 "... hopefully have some time to test the latest addition to my camera collection, the mirrorless Sony A6000. " via urbanpixxels on Instagram!
 When exploring is priority #1
come fly with me lets fly away

All these pictures belong to their respective owners. Check out my Travel Pinterest Board and my Especially England Board for more. And don't worry, I will be posting more updates the smaller the countdown gets. What posts would you like to see about traveling? Tips? Flight essentials? What's in my carry-on or on my playlist? Let me know! Also, if any of you have been to England, anywhere in Europe, or even just on a really really long flight, share your experience with me in the comments! I would be very interested in any advice you have for me as well:)
Like I mentioned earlier, I have been working on a project that I have just finished and will be sharing here hopefully tomorrow if my wifi allows me (you stinker wifi you), along with a special experience I had over the weekend, so stay tuned everyone! And again, Tell me what you think of the new blog design! Likes, dislikes, etc.
Hope you have a fabulous Sunday. I'm off to a big "baseball family" barbeque:)
Etsy blog design shop HERE and template HERE.



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