Best of British: Day 1


Hello! I know it took a while to put these pictures up, but for the next several days I'll have continuous day-by-day posts from this sweet little adventure. Naturally, I took hundreds of photos, so understand that I couldn't leave a single one unshared. If you want to see more, visit my VSCO Journal for more behind the scenes.
DAY 1: We landed in London around noon on Monday, and our lovely hostess picked us up and we went home to Oxfordshire. It was warm with patchy rays of sunshine as we set out to explore the marvelous Oxford University...

^^This is the Radcliffe Camera building that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was shot at (pretty sure that's the right film!).

^^This building faces just in front of the Radcliffe Camera. It's an operating cathedral that allows you to climb to the top of the spire and see all of the University!
^^Inside the above mentioned cathedral.

^^Uncontrollably sobbing unicorn tears from the abundance of HP vibes...

This place was so unbelievably beautiful and abstract. I was amazed that people actually came here for school--I would never be able to focus! We ate our first authentic dish, a "pasty" that was similar to a chicken pot pie. It was like a bread taco that had chicken and stuff inside. It wasn't bad! But after a while, the smell of it just made me lose my appetite. We basically strolled around all the shops and purchased souvenirs, mine was a faded red OU sweater that I'm utterly obsessed with. And it was perfect sweater weather season!
After shopping, we walked around another BEAUTIFUL cathedral that was used as the dining hall in HP (see it on my VSCO). The grounds were so green and flowers were seriously everywhere! One of my favorite things throughout the trip was seeing everyone walking around carrying a bouquet of flowers. Just one of my pretty obsessions.
The time difference from UT is 7 hours. So we were pretty tired the first day, but the jet lag was way worse coming back! So we drove back to the house--on the wrong side of the road! It was so crazy and terrifying driving 50 mph on a skinny road with twists and turns, having no idea when you would approach an oncoming car! Sometimes you would have to pull over for oncoming cars with the parked cars because the streets are only big enough for two. The best way I could describe the houses would be to stay they're like dominoes. They're tall and skinny and long and all snuggled up super close so that two houses would share a divided driveway. But their home was nice and cozy. We ate "jacket" or baked potatoes for dinner, and ice cream and Netflix for dessert.

Our first day was so nice and laid-back. We got to explore and experience some of the culture, and were astonished at some of the differences! Meeting and interacting with the kids for the first time and seeing how they grew up in comparison to how I grew up was crazy and fascinating. I couldn't have been more excited to live here for the next two weeks.
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  1. You are such a talented photographer! These pictures could be in a magazine!!! What a great trip! I am excited to see all your pictures!!!

    1. Aw thanks a lot!! I seriously couldn't put my camera down, everything was so intricate and different from what we're used to seeing! xx.

  2. Beautiful! I can't believe we have come and gone already!

    1. It already feels like such a long time ago! I'll take B for her senior trip:)

  3. loving ur trip posts!!! and seeing things from ur poitnof view- in pics and ur journaling!!!

    1. Eek thanks! It's definitely something new!


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