Best of British: Day 2


DAY 2: On this overcast day we traveled to Stonehenge. It was about a 45 minute car ride through endless fields until it suddenly appeared in the distance. They used to have a road that drove right by it, but recently they took it out and created a new road that made it harder to see the formations, ultimately you would have to go to the visitors center, and take a bus over to it.
It was really crowded. Most of the tourists were Asian tour groups or families, and they each sported a selfie stick. We got off the bus and walked up the hill to see the rocks. My first impression was that it wasn't as big as I imagined. But then again, I didn't know hardly anything about the stones before today. I didn't even know they were in England! So we walked the path that lead all around it, observing the rocks from all different angles. It was actually pretty cool-I would have loved to photograph it at dawn, I was getting mad Brave vibes! However, I didn't take my fancy camera out to snap it, oddly enough, though I did use my polaroid and VSCO app.
Later, we went to a sweet little town called Salisbury and visited it's GORGEOUS cathedral. I took a lot of pictures of this one, as it was really the first cathedral we toured. And I could not get enough of the beautiful stained glass windows!!
^^Also notice all the funky statues in the courtyard.

^^This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip!

^^I could just easily see such beautiful bride photos here!

^^Here's my sweet moma with the Magna Carta! Copy! Just to the right of this frame they had a tent in this circular room that had one of the eight (I think) original copies of the famous Proclamation. It was cool to learn about. The writing on it is so small and intricate, it almost gave me a headache...
^^Here again with Miss T.

After touring, we went to some of the shops and killed about an hour. One thing that was super strange over in the UK was that all the stores closed at 5 or 6?! So there was like nothing to do but go home and have dinner basically! A couple times when we were just hanging around the house, Mom and I would walk over to the stores, just in time for them to start closing. It was so weird. One of the things that I really couldn't understand.
Anyways, since almost everything was shut down after touring the cathedral, we went to Costa (like their version of Starbucks, even though they did have Starbucks there) and got hot chocolates. And there was a super cute bartender in there with a tattoo! Ok, let me tell you: everybody has tattoos, and everybody smokes. Like even young kids. It's so crazy to see the world outside of Utah, where we're used to certain customs, then in other places it's just the norm. But all those countries that allow under age smoking and drinking etc., have less crime rates because those things aren't as taboo like they are in the U.S., thus influencing a need to rebel. It's just a completely upside down lifestyle that I also find so fascinating.
So that concludes our second day abroad, thanks for coming along! Comment down below if you have any insights or questions, I will answer back! Also check out my Travel Playlist to tune into the experience!



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