Best of British: Day 3


DAY 3: Today was one of my favorite days of the trip. We drove to a couple small towns within t square miles that were collectively called The Cotswolds. Our first stop: Burford. This idyllic town was perfect for shopping and admiring the quant architecture. The main street was along a big hill and was lined with tea shops and souvenir stores. The picture above is one of my favorites, those windows were so low to the ground, it was like a hobbit house!

We strolled up and down the hills purchasing tea trays and toffee bars. We also walked around another cathedral (I wish I had written down the names of them all!) that was surrounded by graves from the 15th century and beyond. I loved seeing all the cathedrals, most of them were Christian-or as they called them, The Churches of England- or some other sub-branch of religion. Each one was beautiful and historic in it's own way. I could have spent days learning about the history of the buildings; what were the people in the tombs like, what made their religion special/different, and just the general lifestyle of the people that lived long ago in this simple world.

 ^^This was such a lovely flower house--like I said, people over there love their flowers! Made me envious that this desert of mine is lacking in thick foliage.

 ^^And another thing people loved in England, their dogs! Literally dogs could go anywhere; grocery stores, restaurants, museums, you name it! Mom and I were really longing for our pup, even though she is very lacking in the proper social graces all these British pups had.

 ^^A fun fact that I didn't know: if you look at the flags above, you're likely to identify one more than the other. Great Britain actually consists of England, Wales, and Scotland, and each one has their own flag. The white one with the red cross is England's flag.

 ^^These adorable houses were at the top of the hill and I had such a fetish with them. they were slightly different from most English houses because even though they're still squashed together, they're bigger. Lots of them even had pretty painted doors and small gardens.

 Our next stop, Burton on the Water. Another little touristy town, though this one was especially nice because it wasn't as crowded. One of my favorite things here was seeing the little kids and everyone's dog splashing in the water and chasing the ducks. The sun decided to come out today, and honestly, a jump in the pond sounded really nice.

 ^^This cool plant art or whatever you wish to call it, was at the front of the Motoring Museum. We stopped inside and I bought my first print of a countryside, which I continued to collect throughout the trip.
This was such an ideal day. Later on we went to an attraction in the town called the Miniature Model which was a small 3D model of Burton on the Water that you could walk through. It had almost every detail of the town, it was pretty cool. I just took pictures on my phone, however, you can check them out here.
We also ordered our first plate of chips (or fries) and they weren't bad! They got a little bland after a while, not like American fries! I don't know why this was one of my favorite days, must be because it was so peaceful and felt welcoming. And I had been missing the sunshine for the past two days, too.
Thanks for coming along! Hope you're enjoying this day-by-day tour of fabulous England! I know I certainly did. Also check out my Playlist from the adventure!
See you tomorrow. XOXO.



  1. loving ur pics girl!!!! i want to go to the candy and tea shop too! loved the mini-bush car too, awesome!!


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