Best of British: Day 4


 DAY 4: Today was a rainy day. We spent most of the morning and early afternoon in the house, watching Netflix, eating treats, and playing with the kids. It was actually a very relaxing and nice day, of course we expected rain during our stay. Once it cleared up though, we all put on welly boots (Mom and I had to borrow some!) and drove to a dirt path that they like to walk occasionally. The kids really loved this because the rain water would run down the dirt road and create lots of "muddy puddles" for them to splash in! They also loved to stomp all the berries that fell from the trees. I didn't bring my camera with me this day, other than my polaroid--I tried to take one a day, and I'm glad I didn't. Well I wish I had, because we journeyed up the hill and had the most amazing views of the countryside and the grey fog that just screamed English paradise. I was so in love. So yes, I'm glad I didn't bring my camera because it was just lovely to be able to enjoy myself and let me be where I was. In England. In real life. I wanted to see some of it through my eyes and not through a lens. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes you just have to take a step back and embrace the delicate moments that make you silent for a small time. But of course, I had to have something physical that would allow me to re-see this place again. Go check out my VSCO Journal where I documented a perfect rainy day.
As always, thanks for coming on my adventure. These days will be missed dearly.



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