Harry Potter and Cute British Boys Here I Come

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Well everyone I can't believe it's finally here! Leaving to England in T-45 minutes!! I wanted to publish a quick farewell post so I don't leave you all hanging. We have a layover in Texas and then on to Europe from there. I'm a little nervous for the international flight, I had a lot more anxiety on the flight to New York than anticipated, so going overseas is a big step up. But I've got lots of books and music and movies to keep me occupied (fingers-crossed I can just fall asleep!). A lot of people have asked if we have an itinerary. The answer is no. Basically spend a day or two in London, go to the beaches at Brighton, and explore Oxford. Other than that we are just leaving the sight-seeing to our hosts! MUCH EXCITEMENT GUYS. Oh, and before I forget, there's a little bumper in the road: I can't really use any internet/data/whatever because of international costs and such. Ugh so lame cause I wanted to document on SnapChat! (@paigeyb_17) So I might be a little awol, however follow along on Instagram because ain't no way I'm staying off of dat!

I'm afraid my time has run out--I've still gotta go get dressed haha. So here's a salute to the next two weeks my friends! Wish me luck! And I wish you the best last few weeks of summer (I don't even want to talk about it).
Au Revoir America!! (Yes I know that's French go along with it).
 Yes, my sister and I are both wearing stripes--in case you weren't aware!



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