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Hello again! I am back from my trip to Europe BUT before I get into that good stuff I have this post I meant to share before I left, however with packing and scheduling etc., I didn't have time. So England stuff will be up in a few hours! Now onto the real point of this post:

I imagine your first reaction to this photo is "what????? I thought she already graduated? WT is this??" But then you would probably go "oh yeah huh she's super strange and decided to take summer classes." So in a sense yes, I did graduate again, from my CNA class at MATC along with lots of other strange people who went to school in the summer. I am so glad to say that I am officially ready for summer break now! (Actually in all honesty I am so craving autumn right now. Put me in the corner of shame, I understand). You might also be wondering if I had to take any finals for this class, and the answer is yes, I did. I had to take a written test and pass off a set of skills to an examiner. Passing both of these state exams officially certifies me as a nurse's assistant. Unfortunately, I am still awaiting my letter in the mail. Cross your fingers for me guys!

What I really want to share with you guys was a story that was given by a speaker at my graduation that really interested me and compelled me to re-think the purpose of education. Now I can't remember the details exactly, but here's the shell:
There once was a farmer living with his daughter. The farmer was a really hard worker and a good man, but he had fallen into great debt. So great, that he could face years in jail in order to pay it off. He could not allow that to happen, however, because both his daughter and his land would suffer from his absence. One day, the farmer and his daughter were approached by a man who offered a very peculiar bargain. He claimed that he would help the farmer clear his debt depending on which color rock the daughter pulled out from a knapsack. A white rock meant that the farmer would be clear of his debt completely, no strings attached. A black rock meant that the farmer would still be free of his debt, but at the expense that his daughter would be given to man to wife. And if the daughter were to refuse to comply, or to  draw a rock, then the farmer would be thrown into jail. So the man drew a sack and bent to the ground to pick up two rocks. The farmer was very distraught as their fate was being highly compromised. The daughter, however, was watching the man and noticed that he picked up two black rocks from the ground. Seeing that no one had noticed, she knew she had to make a decision to best conquer the situation. Now the daughter had gone to school and achieved the skill of critical thinking that provided her with the knowledge to make the most of this situation. The man extended the bag to her containing both black rocks. She reached her hand into the sack and grabbed one of the rocks. As she retrieved her hand, she fumbled and dropped the rock to the ground, among many other colored rocks. The man asked if anyone saw what color the rock was, but his question was unanswered. Then the daughter said that if he were to look inside the bag and identify the remaining rock, then they would know which color she had withdrew.
Because of the daughters' ability to think critically in a complex situation, she saved her father from debt and defied the man's trick.
I love this story because it made me wonder that if I were in that situation, would I have been able to think as she did? It also reminded me that the reason we go to school is to obtain knowledge that would allow us to make important decisions by exploring our options and executing a plan. The ability to think critically is a skill that we probably never would have thought was important or something that we would have to earn. But having that skill and that mindset is actually the difference between leading a successful and happy life. Cause otherwise, we might be wound up in all sorts of bad choices that we don't know how to handle.
What are your thoughts on this story? Do you agree or disagree? When have you ever been in a situation where you had to rely on your ability to think critically? Do you think you could have made the same choice the daughter did? I want to hear what you think!
So that's the conclusion of my grad night ceremony, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed that little story. I will be back again very shortly to share what you're really here for ;) I've had a lot of people already asking about my trip's itinerary and recommendations so I will be sure to include that in the next few posts, if there's anything you want to ask, share, whatever you want just leave me a comment below and I will get back to you!



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