Best of British: Day 5


 DAY 5: Today was another perfect day. We woke up bright and early to drive almost an hour to the beautiful Windsor Castle, the secondary home of the Queen. We got to watch the changing of the guards, complete with a marching band. I've heard that watching it here at Windsor is cooler than watching it at Buckingham Palace! And it definitely was cool. If you ever get the chance to see it, do! It was like watching the 4th of July parade or something, it just made me so excited; and not for the first time I found myself taking it in and realizing that I was actually here.
After watching the guards (a lot of them were quite younger looking than I expected), we stood in line for what seemed like forever (more Asian tourists, but I'm sure we looked just as touristy as they did. Minus the selfie sticks) to tour the castle. It was so beautiful inside; everything was decked out with paintings and intricate architecture and tall windows and pretty chandeliers. Gosh I wish I could show you. One of mom and I's favorite thing to do was peer out the windows and watched the guards troll around the grounds. The way they would turn the corners was so interesting! We continued to tour the castle and the gardens and went on to The Queen's Dollhouse. I can't remember which Queen it was, but her daughter wanted to give her a special birthday present, and came up with the dollhouse. They had it on display and it was ginormous. Much like the Model Village of The Cotswolds, it was a large replica of a dollhouse, straight out decorated with furniture and functional pluming!
We also toured another pretty cathedral. I really liked looking at all the inlaid tombs in the ground and thinking about the people who were buried there. In this cathedral I saw a memorial tomb for Queen Victoria, whom we watched a Netflix documentary on the previous night. Cool stuff!

After exiting the castle, we met up again with my aunt and we went to a café for lunch. I had a yummy "jacket" potato and salad, not something common in American cafes! Then we did some shopping around the town. They had a big outdoor mall where we visited some of our favorite re-occurring shops: Paperchase and Cath Kidson. I also bought my second print of the streets of Windsor leading up to the Castle. Unfortunately it's slightly large and I'm yet to come across a frame that fits it just right.
There was just something about this town that I truly loved. As we walked back to the car, we passed a park with kids playing and people out for a jog, and I could turn around and see that beautiful castle rising up behind the trees in a way that was almost subtle. Like it was just there. I hope that if I were to ever live in such a place, I wouldn't take something like that for granted.
See you soon. If you want more, check out additional photos here and my playlist here. Also, thank you for all the lovely comments!



  1. fun! fun! hope u rode in the double decker bus!!!


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