Best of British: Day 6


 DAY 6: Today was unreal. Once again we woke up bright and early, took turns in the single bathroom, made lunches, and headed out the door to the Didcot train station that would lead us to London. For the 45 minute ride, I listened to my IPod and watched out the windows. I loved watching all the old buildings and farmlands and the river as we cruised by. We disembarked in Paddington Station and continued on to board the subway, or as they call it, the 'tube'. Another thing I really loved to do was people watch while we were out; especially in such an iconic scene like New York. Just to see the different people and see what made their life so foreign compared to mine. One thing I definitely noticed everywhere we went: all the locals are (for the most part) really well dressed and put together. They also smelled really good, aside from those who would smoke cause literally almost everyone smoked...

After we exited the station, we were whisked outside and I turned around and suddenly Big Ben was there. Like just there. I wasn't prepared to see it so close so soon. It was huge. This was a seriously known architectural world icon that I never thought I would see in my lifetime. You know when you're not prepared for something that's so big, and it never really hits you until it happens? That's what it was like, if that made any sense at all. But it was truly spectacular.
Big Ben is connected to the House of Parliament, which is that really pretty and long building, and the river Thames flows right next to it with a bridge connecting across it, then diagonal from the clock tower was the Eye of London Ferris wheel. It was just so much brilliance in 360 degrees all at once, it was incredible. We didn't ride the Eye of London because we had come in the middle of the day on a weekend, and we didn't want to miss out on anything this city had to offer. So we took some pictures of the scenery, and I really mean A LOT. So sorry there's so much pictures in this post, but I couldn't leave a single one out! So I'll stop rambling for now and let you enjoy this brilliance...

 Westminster Abbey was just as breathtaking. I wish we could have toured it, I'll just have to come back here soon!

 This is St. James' Park: everyone was walking around with ice cream cones and having picnics. And there were birds everywhere! The geese were especially friendly!

 Guard sighting at Buckingham Palace!!

 Buckingham Palace was so cool and huge! Gosh I wish there were less tourists though, but that's just part of the experience:) I would love to live here.

 I would have loved to be here for the Royal Wedding...

 The clouds in these pictures though were just ahhh.
 Okay we were sitting around this big statue resting like everyone else. And let me tell you: all the Asian girls were dressed up nice with their big flashy cameras posing on the statues and fountains. They were so brave haha I would have never been able to climb on something for a picture in front of tons of people! I bet they were all just super cool bloggers and such.

 I have to say, London Bridge was my absolute FAVORITE! I never really knew what it looked like, but it was so blue and so tall and breathtaking. And the overcast sky just made an energy in the air I craved. I could have sat here all day just watching the ferry tour boats passing underneath.

 This was the Tower of London burned down in the 1660's in a massive fire that lasted three days and consumed hundreds of cathedrals and homes. We just walked around a little bit of it and popped in a few gift shops--I was on the hunt for a good postcard. We once again boarded the tube (jk we've actually ridden it all day flitting from one attraction to the next) to head to the British Museum.
The British Museum was pretty cool, we enjoyed exploring the Ancient Egyptian exhibit and looking at all the mummies. They even had CAT scans of the bodies which I really enjoyed. Afterwards we sat outside in the sun and relaxed for a bit. I forgot to mention earlier in the day we had gone walking around the sub-towns of London. There were lots of street performers and cool attractions. We were on the hunt for a good lunch break and we found an awesome little burger joint called Byron's. We all got hamburgers and chips and shakes and sat by the window to people watch some more:) It was so great to have some American themed food!
This day was so jam-packed with activities I hope I didn't forget any of them. There are a few more photos that I didn't post that you can check out here, and don't forget my London Soundtrack here.I can't remember what we did once we got home from London, you know since everything closes at like 5... we probably had another wonderful home-cooked dinner and watched Netflix, probably did a puzzle, eat more ice cream, you know:)
This place is so fascinating and I still can't believe that I got to see it. I hope you're enjoying all these British posts, we're almost finished!! Comment what has been your favorite so far, cause I can't pick!
Thank you as always lovelies,



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