Best of British: Day 8

Blenheim Palace

 DAY 8: Yesterday was Sunday, and we didn't do much. We went for a big walk with the boys and got to see a bit of the countryside. After the walk, we went to sacrament at their church which was like 30 minutes away in an office building! It was a really small ward, with lots of kids. There were like 2 young women and 2 priests--their accents were soo great! But today we went to Blenheim Palace, which was so beautiful, and much less touristy! This was one of the few inhabited castles in England. I would have loved to live here. The grounds were gorgeous and there was a huge field you could picnic on, and gardens and fountains. It was magical. Especially because here we watched a proposal and wedding pictures! The bride getting her photos taken looked just like a princess with the castle and this incredibly beautiful river behind her. Gosh I'm so coming here for my bridal pictures.

We loved counting all the fishes in the Secret Garden pond...

I bought so many prints and postcards here, this place is just unreal. After walking around the gardens and such, we boarded the small train--Little L was so excited to ride it--and it took us to the Butterfly House and the Maze. The Butterfly House was pretty, it was filled with different butterflies just roaming around. The Maze was super fun. It was good sized and had lookouts you could climb up to find your way out.
After exploring, we got on the train again and walked around the town, Woodstock. This place was so magical it seemed. I never would have left. See more here and listen along here.
See you in my dreams,



  1. loved coming along on ur trip to england!! ur a great tour guide! what a fun experience for u guys!!!


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