Best of British: Day 9


DAY 9: Today was our last day of adventuring, tomorrow we will return to Oxford and re-visit the university, then we depart at next light. We drove over an hour in their little car and me sandwiched between the two kids in the back to reach Bath. We parked in a parking garage and walked around a huge shopping district. I didn't know what to expect of this town, I just knew I had to visit it because it was the setting in one of my most adored books. So we walked along the road overlooking the River Avon, and walked up and down hills, listened to street music in the middle of a courtyard, and finally stopped at a tea shop. Mom and I ordered rosehip and hibiscus tea with scones and clotted cream. Sounds fancy huh. The scones are actually like biscuits, the clotted cream was like a sweet butter, and the tea was hot and tasted like flower water. I would have tried more tea to see if there was any kind I liked, but rosehip and hibiscus didn't make that cut. The shop was so cute, everyone was just out for their afternoon tea like everyday. There was a lady sitting across the room from us and she kept glancing over and raising her eyebrows at mom and me. It's like we were tourists or something. Yeesh.
After our tea, we walked to the famous apartment complexes called the Circus and the Crescent. These apartments were built by a father and son duo, one built the Circus which is a full, but smaller, ring of tall white apartments, and the other built the Royal Crescent, which is only half a circle, but much larger. They both had little parks inside for the residents and their dogs of course, those spoiled little mutts. Lots of the apartments had different decorated doors, or window planter, or other decorations to make their home theirs. Even though I really enjoy a house with a private yard and a driveway, I would have loved to live in those beautiful apartments. The whole area was just nice and pleasant.
We did some more walking and shopping, making our way back to the car. Even though there wasn't that much to do or see in Bath, I'm glad I got to experience it. Perhaps my next goal will be to live in the Crescent or Circus for like a month or something! That would be grand.
I really only took pictures of my tea today, the longer this trip went on, the less I wanted to lug around my camera and the more I wanted just be in the moment.
Thank you Bath for a day well spent. See whatever else I managed to take pictures of here and listen along here.



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