Your Silence is Golden

Hey it's been a while--my laptop has been resurrected yet again. This shoot was taken a few weeks ago when I was helping my sister do a photography assignment and I finally was able to get them edited.
Not much is new with me... college is going well (except English makes me want to curl up in a corner of despair), and working two part-time jobs has kept me busy. I did have a really great weekend, mom and I went shopping at a new home decor department (pics of my new finds to come shortly) on Saturday. It was just one of those really good feeling days, too, the sun was out and shopping always puts me in a good mood. Sunday was a nice chill day, since I feel like I don't have much of those anymore! After my last class yesterday I went to visit my bestie in her new apartment and we went shopping and out to eat. I think it's just that time of year when Christmas is around the corner and everyone is cheery that makes me so giddy! After dinner us girls went to see our cousins choir performance--I always look forward to seeing my cousins because we get along so well and I cherish the time I get to spend with them.
So basically aside from college stress-induced anxiety and work scheduling, this week has been golden. Looking forward to the weekend--or should I say the Mocking Jay part 2 premiere?!! Hope your week is golden as well.



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