Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy (late) Thanksgiving!! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend with your loved ones and delicious food! We had a blast spending the day at Grandma's house with our extended family. It was such great weather, too, so we took advantage of it to get some photos for our Christmas cards--I can't believe it's already December... not sure yet how I feel about it! After turkey dinner Brooke, me, and my bestie went Black Friday shopping at the mall and I sort of blew like a hundred dollars...!! I got a new fabulous purse and a sweat jacket from Pink so it was totally worth it. I also went to the computer store yesterday after class to purchase a new laptop (*applauds*), but they have to ship it from ID so it won't get here for a few days. So anyways enjoy our family pictures and  the goofy ones of me and Brooke sticking leaves in our faces. Hope your holiday was a good one!



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