Bridal Shower: My Bestie is Getting Married!

Time to celebrate! I can't believe this is happening--my bff is getting hitched! I was so excited to throw her a bridal shower and go dress shopping and take bridal photos and most importantly to get all dressed up! I've always wanted to go to a wedding, let alone be in one, and now I'm so honored that I get to be a maid of honor! The wedding is less than 3 weeks away and we are starting to pull everything together. I can't believe it's so soon yet it feels so far away. And it's not even my wedding! But in all seriousness, I throw a smashing bridal shower (like this one) and I'm so happy to see what awaits you A<3

Currently watching Blair Waldorf's wedding episode on Gossip Girl haha! Thank you ladies for joining us in the celebration. Love you to pieces Aria and I wish you and T all the best.



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