Lifestyle Snapshots

Are you sick of me yet! Haha I know it's been like 2 months since I've blogged, but now with spring around the corner and lots of exciting things starting to happen I guess I've been feeling a little inspired!:) Anyways, as you know I'm a part-time clothing photographer for MSC, who's now helping flood the Instagram with lifestyle photos! I'm way excited. When I was about 14 and really getting into photography I mostly focused on object photography. But now with this job all I've been doing is portral photography and now I'm getting to dive into object photography once again! So these are snaps of my first week of lifestyles, tell me what you think! And follow us on insta @shopmscb to see more!
stacked rings photo

rain ankle booties photo

bracelet and rings photo

cute shoes collage

red valentines dress

shoes and purse photo
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