A Little High Tea Party

Royal Crescent apartments in Bath, England
I'm carrying on my splurge of "behind the scenes" IPhone shots of England, and today I'm remembering exploring the quaint city of Bath. This town is so simple but there's a creative kind of energy in the air. One of my favorite memories was walking around the Royal Crescent and looking at each apartment, how they were decorated differently with pastel painted doors and potted flowers. There was one window of an apartment I peeked in around the corner from the Crescent and saw an old brown Labrador laying on the hardwood floor with a man painting a beautiful canvas. The whole city is so artistic down to it's local roots and I felt so inspired. Beautiful paintings were just everywhere. Ever since seeing that dog through the window I've had the deepest desire to live simply and beautifully. One day I want to live in an apartment, no matter how small, in an enriching city and plant flowers and learn trade secrets to a simple, happy life.
Royal Crescent apartments in Bath, England
Royal Crescent apartments in Bath, England
River Avon in Bath, England
"Life is Sweet"
Rosehip and Hibiscus tea in Bath, England
I think I've found my happy place in Bath, England. You're even more attractive to me because you have a killer shopping outlet!



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