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pie, fruit, and bread cute stock photo
The only "English" thing I ate in England was called a pasty (I didn't even take a picture?). Try to picture a pizza pocket / chicken pot pie thing filled with cheese, ham, or whatever. It was ok, mostly bland and I didn't eat it again the rest of the trip. We were very lucky to be staying with American's so we ate a lot of "home" home cooked meals like taco soup and bean dip. But my favorite dish(es) that I literally ate everyday in England was my aunt's taco soup with this amazing bread loaf from the grocery store. I don't know what was so amazing about this bread exactly, but man we kept making trips to the grocery store to buy loaf after loaf! My other favorite dish was ice cream! Every night we would chill out in the living room watching Netflix and eating ice cream. I created a really tasty dish: I crumbled up a biscuit (or cookie) in classic vanilla ice cream and topped it with blueberries (pictured at end) and oh my it was so delicious! Another really popular dish in England are "jacket potatoes" or baked potatoes. This was a plus for me because I'm obsessed with potatoes haha. Since I was enjoying all these lovely foods across the pond, I magically got really good at food-photography!
bagel and jacket potato lunch in Windsor, England
"Well Done" burger from Byron's Burgers, England"Well Done" burger from Byron's Burgers, England

triple chocolate ice cream
classic vanilla ice cream with cookies and blueberries
I remember when we were walking around London I was so starving and being a picky-eater in another country kind of sucked, so we walked around forever until we found an awesome burger joint called Byron's. I went all-American with a classic burger, fries, and milkshake! These were just some more photos from my phone I love that never got shared anywhere, so here.



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