London: Behind the Scenes

Notting Hill apartments in London, England
Woke up this morning missing London severely. I even made a cup of chai tea just to smell it. It's already been almost 6 months since England and it feels like a dream. It is a dream! This city is a jewel and looking back on my IPhone I realized I had a lot of photos I haven't even shared! These are just a couple of "lifestyle" or "behind the scenes" shots of London that just have me reminiscing hard. I didn't realize how big of a city London actually is, it has a lot of "districts," I guess you could call them, that we spent hours roaming around. London is a dream and oh what I would do to go back.
"Look Left" on London streets
Polaroid of Windsor Streets
"You Are My Sunshine" card
One day we will meet again, jewel.



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