No. 19

I love celebrating my birthday because it reminds me how many awesome and loving people I am lucky to have in my life! I also love that feeling you have on your birthday, like for just one day a year the universe shines a little spotlight on you and nothing can bring you down because you are allowed to enjoy this little self-indulgent high. I also get incredibly nostalgic. I look back on my 18th year and think of it as a pretty successful time in my life; I graduated high school and matc, traveled to another country, and started college. Now as I look ahead into this new part of my life, I don't know everything that's going to happen and I don't have any big goals I want to accomplish. I have decided, however, that I want to put nursing on hold and go to school for my Medical Assistants degree and have a career in that area for a few years. I also know with a surety that I want to travel again this year. I had such a great experience in England and I have a yearning to continue that excitement. I am currently looking into some volunteer abroad/humanitarian projects to occupy my very sweet summer. Doing this could be a little scary, traveling to another country alone this time, but never have I ever felt more determined to do something a little crazy and scary because I know that once you get past the rocky part, something can become really life-changing. And that's what I think I need right now. A heavy dose of something life-changing.
Thank you to all my incredible family and friends for supporting me and being apart of my journey. I love you all to my core.



  1. I think that would be a fab and fun experience for u! If you don't want to go to a different country, u r always welcome to stay at our house if you find anything here in Boise u could do, just FYI!!! Aunt Kristy came and stayed with us in Connecticut one summer for an internship and that is when she met Miles!!! The rest is history! U go girl! Excited to see what unfolds for u! Loves pretty thing!


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