Buena Vida

Hello! Last time I wrote I was debating where to occupy my attention this summer, and I'm so happy that I've found a focus; In four short days I'm taking a very long car drive with some strangers to Baja! I was fortunate to find such a wonderful humanitarian organization at the last minute, as the search for a project was quite rocky. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to recruit any friends to accompany me, but I'm very much looking forward to this trip because it's something really special and I hope that it will give me the independence and confidence I want to gain. For about a week my travel companions and I will be spending time with children at an orphanage whilst doing repair work on a new orphanage. I'm excited to get to know the sweet kids and be forced out of my bubble and be able to experience a different lifestyle. In short, I have a lot of expectations and eagerness to venture to Mexico and take part in something so amazing. Thank you for all the support from my family and friends! I want to help make a difference in people's lives and that's what this trip will allow me to do. For more information go to their website: www.achildshopefoundation.org
Of course this is also going to supply an awesome photo diary, so I'm super pumped to get some cool travel photos! Looking back on my pictures from England, I realize now how much I wish I would have photographed the people with me, paid attention to the feelings we experienced, and really looked at the details that made things so unreal. I love looking at my pictures of all the beautiful buildings and landmarks we visited, but I cherish the people more and wish I would have captured that as well. So I've been brushing up on some photography skills and learning "travel photography" tips, so I'm really excited to document Mexico through "experienced" eyes haha!
I will post again once I return to share a travel diary (another thing I want to emphasize: take time to write down exciting things that happen, how I'm feeling that day, what made me feel good, etc.). But you can always follow on Insta:) Love you all!



  1. so fun for u!! was wondering if you had found an organization to work with and you did!!! excited to hear/see all about it thru world and pics! enjoy every minute of it too!! proud of U!! Loves!!


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